My Visit to A Place of Historical Interest - Paragraph

 A historical place is a site which has a historical background or interest. I like to visit a historical place because it enables us to know many things about the place. Men are by nature curious to know about the past. So I was very eager to visit a place of historical interest. Some days ago I went to the Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat with my parents. It is one of the great historical places in our country. First we went to one of my uncle's residence in Khulna. The next morning we started for Bagerhat and reached Shat Gambuj Mosque at about 10 am. The place was really attractive. I saw the historical Shat Gambuj Mosque, a pond, the mausoleum of Khan Jahan Ali etc. These places made me very curious because the construction of the mosque and the mausoleum was really wonderful. We talked to some people there. They gave us information about these things. We saw these things with great eagerness almost all day long. We had our lunch in a good hotel there. In the evening we started for Khulna and reached my uncle's residence around 9 pm.

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