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My Visit To Our National Zoo - Paragraph


At first I went into the shed in which the monkeys were. Before I could get near them I could hear their chattering. They were jumping from one bar to another. I liked their performances and gave them a whole bunch of plantains. My attention was next drawn to the cage in which there were two big snakes. They seemed to be asleep. The sight of the snakes made my blood creep. Then I turned my eyes from them at a porcupine. I then saw some deer whose beautiful eyes attracted me. I turned always from them to the place where the tigers were held in a cage. They greeted me and many others with loud growls. They impressed me with their majesty. I felt rather happy when I visited some other beasts and water animals. I was beside myself with joy. I spent several hours. There were some fast food shops. I took light refreshment. The environment was calm and quiet. The natural scenery of our national zoo is very beautiful.

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