The Wood Cutter and the River God - Story

 One day a wood cutter was cutting wood beside a river. As ill luck would have it, his axe slipped from his hands and dropped into the river below. The poor wood cutter became terribly unhappy and stared crying bitterly. At this, the River-God felt pity for him. He appeared before him with a golden axe and said, “Is it yours?” The honest wood cutter replied, “No Sir, it is not mine.” Then the God brought a silver axe and said, “Is it yours?” He again replied, “No, it’s not mine, Sir.” At last, he brought the steel axe that the wood cutter had lost and said to him, “Is it yours?” Then he gladly answered, “Yes Sir, this is mine.” The River-God became pleased at this honesty and gave him all the three axes. Then he disappeared.

Moral: Honesty is richly rewarded.

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