A Book Fair I Have Visited Recently - Paragraph

 A book fair is a special kind of fair and is meant for book lovers. Ekushey Boi Mela is the most popular book fair held in our country on the occasion of the 21st February, the International Mother Language Day. The fair is arranged on the premises of the Bangla Academy in Dhaka. I visit this book fair every year. This year I visited the book fair with great enthusiasm. A festive atmosphere prevailed there. Many a publishing company set up their stalls and decorated them nicely. I went round every stall and the glittering cover of books fascinated me. I also got the opportunity to meet my favorite writers. I took their autographs in their newly published books. There were also arrangements of various types of amusements. I found there flute players and group artists presenting traditional dances and songs. All the visitors were making a lot of merriments. Time passed by very swiftly. When the evening came, I returned home with an experience that I will treasure for long.

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