Write a dialogue between you and your friend on the impact of technology on our education.

 Myself    :Hello, Kamal. How are you?
Kamal     :I am okay. How are you?
Myself    :I am also fine. What is your opinion about
                the impact of modern technology on our education?
Kamal    :I think at present our education will be
                incomplete without modern technology.
Myself    :Yes, you are right. In fact, at present internet
                has opened an endless horizon to us.
Kamal    :Yes, you are right because every updated
                information on any topic is available here.
Myself    :Besides the use of multimedia in the class room
                has accelerated the speed of our learning. Even
                the weakest students can now get clear knowledge
                from multimedia. It has also made our learning
Kamal    :Look, computer has brought about a revolution
                in our education system. Patronization of the
                government has opened a new dimension in
                this field.
Myself    :Yes, you are right. I agree with you that
                without modern technology we cannot fulfill
                our learning.
Kamal    :Okay. Bye. See you again.
Myself    :Bye.

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