The Bad Man and The Sadhu - Story

 A person once went to a Sadhu and asked two questions : (1) Why do people say God is everywhere? I see Him nowhere, therefore, show me where He is. (2) Why is man punished for crime, since he is not a free agent, but made to do as God wished? The Sadhu took up a lump of earth and flung it at the head of the questioner. The man went to the Judge and complained against the Sadhu for having inflicted a severe pain in his head. The judge had arrested the Sadhu and brought up for trial. As the accused stood in the dock, the Judge said, "Why, instead of answering the complainant's questions, did you throw a lump of earth at him?" The Sadhu replied, "The blow he received with the lamp was an answer to his questions. He has told you that there is a pain in his head. Let him show me the pain, and I shall show him God. And why does he complain against me, for what I did was, according to him, an act of God." The Judge was pleased with the Sadhu's defense and dismissed the case. The plaintiff (complaint) left the court a sadder but a wiser man.

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