The graph below shows "Total Candidates in SSC Examination-2019". Describe the graph in 150 words. You should highlight and summarize the information given in the graph. - Graph

 Ans: The graph shows total candidates is SSC Examination-2019. In 2019 both male and female students took part in the examination from science, humanities and business studies groups. Among these groups most of the students are of Business studies group and their total number is 1,50,488. 95,306 candidates from Humanities group and another 71,492 candidates from science group attended the examination. In science and Business Studies Group Male students were more in number than that of female ones. However, the scene is opposite in term of Humanities group. The total number of male candidate is 1,58,135 and female is 1,59,131. It means that in science and Business Studies groups male candidates are more interested than female ones. On the other hand, female candidates far outnumber the male ones in Humanities group.

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