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My Favourite Poet - Composition

My Favourite Poet - Composition

There are many poets in this world. Among them I like Kazi Nazrul Islam most. He is a poet of Bengali literature. He is known as the rebel poet. In fact, he is the national poet of Bangladesh. Nazrul Islam was born in an aristocratic Muslim family on Jaistha 11, 1306 BS at Churulia of Burdwan in West Bengal.

He lost his father in this early life and had to struggle against poverty. He received his primary education at the local primary school. He fled away from home to Asansol and became a baker's boy. There he draw the attention of a sub-inspector of police who brought him to his village home at Trishal in the district of Mymenshingh. He made all arrangements for his education. But after sometime Nazrul went back to Asansol and got admitted to high School.

When the First World War broke out, he joined the war and became a Havilder. He came back after the war was over and was hailed as the rebel poet of Bengal. Even as a boy Nazrul Islam composed verses for theatrical parties known as the 'Letto' parties. During the he sent some poems and prose articles from military camps. These were published in the Bengali magazines of Calcutta. His first Bengali poem 'Mukti' and prose writing 'Baunduler Atma Kahini' created a great sensation. His famous poem 'Bidrohi' was first published in 1328 BS.

This was sensational composition which was landmark in Bengali poetry. Nazrul was imprisoned for one year for his poem 'Agamani'. Soon his important works including 'Agni-Bina' and 'Bisher Banshi' were published in quick succession. Nazrul was a versatile genius. He was not only a poet, but also a novelist, a dramatist, a story writer, and a musician.

All his works have a universality of appeal. This great poet had suffered from serious illness for a long time and breathed his last on August 29, 1976 in the postgraduate Hospital, Dhaka. He was buried by the side of Dhaka University Mosque. He was a poet of revolution. He is our people.

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