Prize Bond Result
Prize Bond Result
For increase money saving tendency department of national saving launched Prize Bond in 1972. Bangladesh Prize Bond is as like a lottery bond. It is a non interest bearing bond. Which issue by Bangladesh Bank. The price of Prize Bond is One Hundred (100) taka only. This Prize Bond divide in different categories frequently will be provide to the winning Prize Bond Holders.

If Bangladesh Bank can pros-pond to draw in time. But from the beginning still now it's now break down it's proper time. If you win the any prize you can collect the prize amount from Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank limited. But now a days many bank are transit Price Bond. Which bank transit this bond they also payment of prize. But it is good to collect amount of prize money receive from Bangladesh Bank.
The date of Draw of Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond held in every year last date of January, April, July and October.

List of Prize:
1) 1st prize of Prize Bond is BDT 6,00,000 Taka for every sequence.
2) 2nd prize of Prize Bond is BDT 3,25,000 Taka for every sequence.
3) 3rd prize of Prize Bond is BDT 1,00,000 Taka for every sequence.
4) 4th prize of Prize Bond is BDT 50,000 Taka for every sequence.
5) 5th prize of Prize Bond is BDT 100,000 Taka for every sequence.

102th Prize Bond Draw Result 2021

103rd 100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result
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