103rd 100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result - RESULT ZONE


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Sunday, April 4, 2021

103rd 100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result

100 Taka Prize Bond is a most popular Government Bond. After every three or Quarterly Government publish a draw result. 103rd result draw held in 30 April 2021 and draw result publish 1 May 2021.

103rd 100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result Prizes

1st prize of draw is 6,00,000 Taka. (Give One Number)
2nd prize of draw is 3,25,000 Taka. (Give One Prize Bond Number)
3rd prize of draw is 1,00,000 Taka. ((Give Two Prize Bond Number)
4th prize of draw is 50,000 Taka. ((Give Two Prize Bond Number)
5th prize of draw is 10,000 Taka. (Give Forty Prize Bond Number)

For know your prize bond result from Bangladesh Bank Website Click Here

Prize Bond

For Bangladeshi people are like most Government Bond. Because it is most secured from other bond. Government always committed to pay bond prize in time. Government control this service by Bangladesh Bank. Previous you can get prize in Only Government Banks. But now a days you can get Prize Bond any kind of Bank. 

Prize Bond is a interest free Bond of Bangladesh Government. Every year they try to publish Quarterly four draw in a single year. Prize bond is a smart gift program. In Marriage , Birthday and others program people are increasing use day by day. 

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